How Can You Travel So Much?


When I meet a new person I learn about their lifestyle and what gets them excited in life. In return, I offer cool stories from my life, and, indirectly, explain my freespirited lifestyle. One of the questions I hear frequently is: how can you travel so much? Don’t you have a job? I reply: I do, but I actually love traveling. Let me explain how my love to traveling stimulates frequent adventures.

Values: Why I Care about Traveling.

  • I am curious about the world.
    To me, traveling is the extension of discovery. I travel to learn and discover; not to relax. I already made my daily life stress and worry free. I find adventures intrinsically exciting. How excited are you about experiencing new places?
  • Traveling is my priority.
    I placed wisdom and adventures very high in the hierarchy of personal values. Everything else became secondary. I eliminated all the excuses for not traveling, such as: being busy with shit, having work to do, or extra mouth to feed. If you are passionate about something, nothing and no one can stop you. Some day I may consider shifting the priorities. What are your priorities?


Principles: What Enables Frequent Travels.

  • Cheap logistics, rich experience.
    Travel industry wants you to believe that the best vacations are expensive. Most people fall for that bullshit. They travel rarely, spend all their vacations at one place, and waste their yearly savings on irrelevant stuff. I do the opposite. I am cheap when it comes to transportation and accommodation.

    • Cheap accommodation. Cool people instead of luxuries.
      Resorts offer swimming pools, second-class drinks, and abundance of families and retirees. This is not what enhances my travel experience. I prefer to actively use my time meeting the locals, learning about the culture, and doing cool shit. Instead of paying $300 per night, I prefer to pay $30 per night (or $0 with CouchSurfing and/or friends) and to increase the number of travel days tenfold. Would you travel cheap but frequently, or glamorously but rarely?
    • Cheap transportation.
      I always try to find very cheap flights. When I was a student, only the price mattered. Nowadays, I know the value of my time so I optimize both the price and the time required for traveling. How much effort would you put into finding cheap and convenient flights?
    • No splurge restaurants.
      I’ve been to very expensive and highly regarded restaurants. The food was good, but the price never justified the taste that I experienced. What would be your choice of restaurants?
  • No time wasted.
    I travel whenever I can. Some travels are long; typically, though, they last few days. I do not take many days off. I hustle when others travel; I travel when others work. It is much cheaper that way. Where would you go if you had only 2 days?


Other Considerations: What Else Helps.

  • Solid/flexible source of income.
    Very committed people can travel on a dime. Most likely, you are a student or have a job. We are in the same boat. When looking for a source of income, four things matter to me: 1) meaningfulness, 2) top people, 3) flexible time, and 4) solid remuneration. The (3) allows me to schedule travels any time. The (4) makes traveling worry-free. How much effort have you put into optimizing your work/life balance?


I hope this post expanded your thinking about the essence of traveling. I do hope you will travel more often. Much love and see you in the new year!

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