Sports Car Ownership Is Quite an Experience!


Sports car ownership entails experiencing a wide range of intense emotions. Excitement, intoxication, happiness, appreciation, freedom. It is nothing like driving a regular car. Floor the gas pedal and feel the butterflies in the stomach. It is more like having a personal rollercoaster. In this blog post I share my fresh experience of daily driving a torch red Corvette Stingray Z51. 10 000km (6000mi) in 6 weeks. Whereas some remarks are vette-specific, most easily generalize to any performance-oriented car.


Attention and Appreciation
Majority of sports cars look flashy, cartoonish, and stand out for their Skittles-like colors. They are perceived as special, as they are rare compared to other types of vehicles. How does that translate to the real world? Take the car for a spin around town and you will see people smiling at you, taking pictures, giving thumbs up, and following the car with their eyes. Kids will be yelling WOW! Stop the car and within minutes people will be taking selfies and complimenting on the vehicle. It does feel nice, indeed. It is probably the closest I will ever get to experiencing a celebrity’s lifestyle haha


The specific design of sports cars is dictated by performance requirements, the wow factor, and certain standards of beauty. Sports vehicles are not meant to be overly practical; they are meant to be treated as a piece of art. Sometimes I feel like I could stare at the vette and appreciate its beautiful proportions, styling elements, and all the engineering that makes this beauty functional. Although beauty goes beyond daily driving, it is impossible to ignore when the car is parked. Take a look at a lambo; it takes the design to extremes.


Acceleration: Being in the Now
People buy sports cars not because they need them. Rather, because they want to enjoy the ownership, the driving experience, great handling, and the rapid acceleration. The latter makes for an intoxicating experience. It simply puts you in the now. Upon hard acceleration there is no time for thinking about anything else. The amount of information that your senses perceive is staggering. Vision becomes blurry, all you can hear is engine cacophony, and all you feel is the hit in the back as if someone kicked you. I concur, every rapid acceleration puts a huge smile on my face.

This is a multi-dimensional topic. In case you were wondering. 1) Do guys rev up their engines to impress girls? I highly doubt that. I could not care less about a random girl when, upon a hard acceleration, the seat hits my head. Gotta focus on the road. The loud noise of a revved up engine is just a byproduct. 2) Is it easier to get girls? A cool car does help, as the attention and some presumptions are already in place. As with other people, many girls would smile and some wave. Have I taken advantage of that? No. No time for that. Driving feels a way more unique and rewarding. At least for now :-) 3) Are girls interested in cool cars? Most care more about their shoes and stuff. Those who do like cars, though, make for awesome road-trip companions!

Whenever I see another vette owner, we wave to each other and smile. On a regular basis, I get a hand wave and thumbs up from other sports car owners and car enthusiasts; or we quickly rev up the engines. It is cool. These are the people that I (will) meet at car events, internet forums, or, hopefully, when I need help.

Apart from posers, sports cars tend to attract car enthusiasts. These people attend car shows and meetups, go on road-trips, cruises, and rallies, and spend time in each others company. Getting into that community opened up a whole new world for me. It connected me with some very cool and valuable people that I would have never met otherwise. I also learned about events that I never knew existed.

Ownership of a sports car is a lot of fun. It is more about the experience than anything else. It already turned my life upside down. Although you may have some preconceived notions, I highly recommend experiencing a sports car first hand. Who knows, maybe you will get hooked on and it will change your life as well? I know that for me it is just the beginning. I am looking forward to countless smiles per gallon.