Life v3.0


Welcome to the new version of my website and blog! There has been so much stuff recently that it took me several weeks to bring the blog back to life:

  • After all the NSA scandals, I decided to free myself from most of the websites and services that have anything to do with the US (email – GMail, calendar – Google Calendar, electronic notes – Evernote, file synchronization – Dropbox, etc.) . All these services were great and of utmost quality. The problem is that they may be taken down at any time, similarly to Lavabit.  In contrast to governments, I strongly value freedom. Please do yourself a favor and think about two questions:
    1. Are you happy that your data is under constant surveillance of a government?
    2. What happens if you suddenly lose all your data, such as emails?

    Check out Prism Break for alternatives to the aforementioned services.

  • Freeing myself from Google meant moving my blog from Blogspot to a server that is located in Iceland. It was a lot of hassle, but, I believe, it was a low price to pay for the freedom of data. Moving the blog onto a new platform was a great opportunity to refresh and update its content. Check out all the pages (from the menu above). Some older blog posts, however, still require formatting and cleanup.
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  • Much has happened in my personal life. I have successfully defended my PhD dissertation! It was a truly gratifying moment after four years of solid work. Right after the defense I went to a software engineering conference to present one of our publications.
  • Despite the point (1), I moved to the US and now live in Massachusetts. USA is one of very few countries that offers fantastic opportunities for people with my skills. I started a new job and contribute to a software that advances the automotive, aerospace, and financial industries, and education. For now, I cannot think of a better place to apply my skills and to put research into practice.
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  • Moving to a new country always takes a lot of time and logistics. Anyways, so far I like the US a lot. My impression is that much more happens here than in the Cold North and new technologies get adapted much quicker. People seem to be more creative, more social, and more entrepreneurial. So far so cool! Don’t believe? Visit me!

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