icon_growthLifehacking self improvement


This is what much of my blog is about. I am working on improving skills that influence productivity, social life, and travel opportunities. Lifestyle. I have very specific goals so I am shaping my lifestyle to accommodate these goals. I have always thought that instead of working hard one should work smart and be productive. I try to optimize processes by automating them and spending time most-effectively.


Matlab_LogoModel-Based Software Engineering professional activity


I strongly believe that the progress of civilization comes from automation. Software has helped to automate many activities, such as driving cars, assembling products in factories, and reducing bureaucracy. Interestingly, the process of creating software by other software has been automated in a very limited scope. Still, programmers are needed to type program’s code. I want to help to change that. I am contributing to software that generates other software. That way domain experts are able to create programs without doing the actual programming but by designing high-level models from which the software is generated automatically.


gzowskiminiGzowski Club international social club


Although I’m not an undergrad anymore, I strongly value the student life experience. That includes several things: student clubs and associations, events for students, parties, and trips. I always look for proactive people who want to help with organizing events. This is what Gzowski Club is about. We do cool sh*t. We are firm believers in good times. We are classy. Check out our website, Facebook and Twitter. Although we are international, we have been particularly involved in the Polish community in Canada. I used to be the president of Waterloo Polish Students’ Association.


Past Projects

claferClafer PhD project


Software is an integral part of everyone’s life. Software is also the most complex artifact that people have ever produced. We want to help engineers construct software that is correct by design (works as expected and, ideally, has no errors). In particular, we are working on Clafer, a language that will help requirements analysts (people who elicit requirements) and software developers to specify and implement software correctly.


icon_accessCertificateless Cryptography final-year project


At the end of my undergraduate studies I got interested in cryptography and computer security. I thought it would be great to be a hacker. I wanted to combine my interests with university requirements, which resulted in the final-year project on Certificateless Cryptography.


icon_satelliteSpace Exploration student association


As an undergrad I enjoyed building satellites and was a member of Student Space Engineering Scientific Group. We worked on a stratospheric balloon BOBAS2, European Student Earth Orbiter (ESEO), and PW-Sat: the first Polish pico-Satellite. In all of these projects I wrote software for on-board computers and communication modules. Not only was it fun, but I got a chance to meet lots of European students and visit European Space Agency.


icon_hackerNAAG social programming


As a teenager I founded a group of passionate programmers. The group focused on creating programs in the assembly language and on reverse-engineering the code. It was a great opportunity for each of us to learn from each other and to work on programming projects. Our contribution to the community included a website with tons of materials, tutorials, and a magazine.

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